Assignment First


当发现欠发达国家严重缺乏各种技能和资源,并且对这些技能和资源有重要需求时,政府的作用就变得更加重要和突出。在这种情况下,需要明智和有组织地分配有限的资源。政府只能采取这种措施。通过观察国家的需求和条件,可以在中央计划的帮助下制定方案(Erosa, 2012)。

从过去10年的结果可以很容易地看出,商业领域发生了深思熟虑的变化。由于科技的发展,商业也有了发展。人类与环境之间已经形成了一种共生关系,因为员工和客户都拥有知识的授权。由于社会、哲学和道德原则推动的知识不断增长,全球范围内的企业、政府和社会都在发生变革(Erosa, 2012)。企业转型所带来的制度破坏,以及企业均衡维持过程中的扰乱和无序。


它应该保存在每个组织的思想,他们的供应来自于可持续资源和返回一个组织应该创造这样的技术创新和对环境清洁和有用的,也有利于政府的政策(Ranerup,亨利和海德曼,2016)。据分析,经常从技术或产品中获益的本组织成为改革的倡导者。有人建议,那些致力于改善环境努力的公司,通常需要改革和成为支持政策的手段,需要为清洁技术带来环境标准(Deogaonkar和Washimkar, 2014)。


When it has been found out that the under developed countries suffer from a serious deficiency of all kinds of skills and resources and there has been an important need for them, after that the role of government has become more important and highlighted. There is a need for intelligent and well-organized distribution of limited resources in such kind of situations. Government can take this kind of step only. By looking at the needs and conditions of the country, schemes can be made with the help of central planning (Erosa, 2012).
It can be easily seen from the result of last ten years that there has been a thoughtful change that has taken place in the landscape of business. Because of the development in the science and technology, there has been a development in the business as well. A symbiotic relation has been developed between humans and environment, as there is an empowerment of knowledge in employees and customers. There has been transfiguring in the business, government and society on a global scale because of the increasing knowledge that has been powered by the social, philosophical and moral principles (Erosa, 2012). There has been destruction on institution that has been caused by the transformation and caused disrupting and disorder in the equilibrium maintenance of the business.
It has become a challenge for the leaders of an organization to meet the wider expectation that has been set by society and government in order to create balance of wealth creation and creating social consistency. In addition, at the same time, they can focus on the main purpose of the organization, which is sustaining profitability, and expectations of upholding shareholder. It makes very much clear that an organization cannot avoid their core doctrine or product, so the rules and regulation should be made in that way.
It should be kept in the mind of every organization that their supplies come from the sustainable resources and in return an organization should create those kind of technologies which are innovative and cleaner and useful for the environment and also favors the policies of the government (Ranerup, Henriksen and Hedman, 2016). It has been analyzed that the organization, which is benefited by the technologies or products often, becomes advocates for reform. It has been suggested that those companies, which work towards improvement of environmental effort, usually need to reform and become, means for supporting policies need to bring environmental standards for cleaner technologies (Deogaonkar and Washimkar, 2014).