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本篇作业代写-领导力讲了真正的领导需要人们理解自我。把定义简单化是一项艰巨的任务。真正的领导是一种相对较新的理论,专注于以直接的方式处理问题。对于真正的领导,必须有一定程度的自我意识,这些已经在下面详细介绍过。本篇作业代写文章由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Authentic leadership requires the people to have understanding of the self. It is an arduous task that simplistic definitions. Authentic leadership is a relatively newer theory that focusses in handling of the issues in a straightforward manner. For the authentic leadership, there must be certain level of self-awareness these have been detailed in the following.

Gardner, W.L., Avolio, B.J., Luthans, F., May, D.R. and Walumbwa, F., 2005. “Can you see the real me?” A self-based model of authentic leader and follower development. The Leadership Quarterly, 16(3), pp.343-372.

In the analysis by Gardner et al., (2005) there is discussion of the ways in which the authentic leader needs to rebuild themselves. To ensure that there is a development of an authentic leader model there must be understanding of the self. The leader must have clear vision as to what they require and their limitations in order to develop themselves as a guide. There must be self-awareness and self-regulation that needs to be emphasized in this model. The credibility of the leader is based on past actions and the efforts taken by the leader to address any plausible gaps. The Positive modeling is the theory that has been proposed in this analysis to make sure that the people trust and engage their leader. There is sustainable performance that is developed in this model. Gardner et al., (2005) have also given the number of ways in which the people can test the theory. The importance of inclusive, ethical leadership has been detailed in this analysis.

In general, leadership is a practice that is found to stem form the neural pathways that are developed over a period of time. The areas of strength of this analysis is that it tries to develop understanding of the self to be a clear leader. In many cases, nebulous leadership style makes the people wonder about the credibility of the leader. If the leader is able to have clear comprehension of their fallacies and there is continual retrospection to be a better leader then the leader can have strong followers. It also explains how an engaged organizational climate can be forged in this paradigm. The weakness of this model is that the people can forge newer communications based on numerous factors. There is no experimental data that have been provided. There are a lot of theories that state how a leader can be a better person. This is a fluid model that lacks the specifics.

To summarize, there are many theories that discusses about credibility and ethics. However, in the case of leadership it stems down to the subjective interpretation of the individuals. Owing to this these theories can be used as a formula. This tool of positive modelling can be used by the leaders to be more aware of the self and derive better management philosophies.

Hence it can be comprehended that the leader needs to be aware of their self to be effective.