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本篇作业代写-太阳能光伏产品讲了有关于使用太阳能光伏来增加消费者惠顾的讨论。据估计,将会逐步使用太阳能来增加产品的消费需求。然而,在这个范例中,太阳能在许多地方被发现是变化的。这些公司需要使用混合可再生能源技术。本篇作业代写文章由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

There is discussion on the use of solar PV to increase the consumer patronage. It is estimated that there would be gradual use of the solar energy to increase the consumer demand of the product. However, in this paradigm, the solar energy is found to be varying in many places. There is a need to use the hybrid renewable technology for the companies.

Added to this paradigm the companies need to find ways to increase the decentralized action. There must be focus on the creation of the entrepreneurial activity of the company to increase the consumer interaction. These are determined in the following. The reasons for formulating the alternatives are explored in the following

D) Decision Criteria

The use of solar energy has become a buzz word. There is a need to focus on the renewable energy generation to ensure that there is more stability in the operations. The companies need to ensure that there is technology that utilizes different renewable energy and ensuring that there is an efficient storage technology. Renewable energy is considered to be dismissed by the opponents for not being perennial. These are considered to be the issues in variability. These include the use of old energy grids. By using the hybrid technology there can be utilization of the best of both worlds.

The cost of the processes is reduced in this paradigm. The initial capital costs for the setting up of the operations are found to be more attuned.

There is higher focus on the energy reliability in this process. Hence there is more predictability in this process. Energy is more dependent on the weather. This makes it extremely reliable sources of energy. In this system, there is more energy security in this process. Combined with the technologies can be more energy security.